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Poster for The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Christopher Cutting

The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

by Christopher Cutting

The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is touring festivals across the UK after two years of sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe.

When Sherlock Holmes unknowingly murders his own client, the game is on to track down the criminal mastermind who did it – Holmes himself!

Does Watson's rent have anything to do with this accident? Has this case been secretly planned by a narrative genius? Could Moriarty's hunger for new detective fiction fuel a global terror plot of unimaginable proportions? Join the world-famous detective as he unravels the strangest case of his career...

Three versatile actors bring you this witty, absurd take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation. Expect extraordinary plot twists, metafiction, twisted logic and almost unparalleled entertainment!

'a mystery befitting the greatest detective of them all'

London Olios

'unique and amazing show'

'fine crime foolery'

Poster for Stand and Deliver, by Christopher Cutting

Stand and Deliver

by Christopher Cutting

1736: Two highwaymen plan the heist of the century. Can they steal the taxidermy lobster, 'Satan’s Pinch'? Will their quest for revenge save Britain from a corrupt political establishment? Who will survive betrayal and carnage with their dignity intact?

Dark, witty, over-the-top, Tarantino-esque period action-comedy about finding your true self and defying your masters.

'slick, funny, and brilliant'


'the action is fast paced and the jokes rapid-fire'


'Cutting's fresh script is satisying to the last'

Bristol 24 / 7

Poster for Parish Fête-ality: A Game of Scones, by Christopher Cutting

Parish Fête-ality: A Game of Scones

by Christopher Cutting

'In the Parish Council elections, you win or you die.'

When murder sweeps through the parish of Jowlhurst, the members of Jowlhurst Parish Council scheme and vie against one another for absolute power.

A manic vicar, NIMBY farmers, the Women's Institute and the National Trust are at war with a circle of debauched bohemian aristocrats and the internally divided, frightened villagers for supremacy over the local countryside.

In this machiavellian struggle, with betrayal around every corner, only one faction can rule the Parish Council once and for all...

'Hot Fuzz meets Game of Thrones' in this dark, witty, absurd comedy from satire maestros Tobacco Tea. Prepare yourself for comic countryside carnage worthy of the Red Wedding, as every aspect of British county life is hilariously torn to shreds.

'a witty and rolicking romp'

Poster for Vitomori, by Christopher Cutting


by Christopher Cutting

Lord Vitomori is border, self-obsessed, narcissistic, shallow, superficial, and the envy of all those who know him.

He's also an immortal. An undead vampire who had decided to embrace modern life. HIs existence is pointless, and he'll do anything to forget it, no matter who might get in the way.

Society adores him; dangerous, dark, seductive, carefree and callous - he's everything people want him to be. But when Vitomori goes too far, his 'friends' turn out to be more than willing to hunt him down.

Tobacco Tea return with a side-splitting supernatural satire about ego and the way we live our lives today. By turns hilarious and horrifying, sensual and cynical, Vitomori is a good hard look at just what we've become in the 21st century, seen through the eyes of a 1000-year-old vampire.

'an extremely funny, horrifying and sensual piece that beautifully captures and satirises the 21st century digital age'

'hilarious and horrifying'

Inter:Mission Bristol

Poster for Bunbury is Dead, by Christopher Cutting

Bunbury is Dead

by Christopher Cutting

Bunbury Is Dead is Tobacco Tea's debut fringe comedy, made from the wit and works of Oscar Wilde.

Composed almost entirely of material from Wilde's major works, masterfully rearranged to form all-new dialogue, Bunbury Is Dead follows the escapades of Bunbury - Algernon's fictitious invalid from The Importance of Being Earnest - who feigns illness in order to live the life of a dissolute young rake-about-town, all the while avoiding his fearsome aunt and the hordes of creditors at his door.

Featuring a machiavellian butler, a formidable aunt, a domineering new woman, a soppy romantic artist, murder, forgery, marriage, man flu and of course the dashing rogue Bunbury himself, this fast-paced satirical postmodern tribute act is a sparkling, sophisticated, hilarious hour of twisted logic, high farce and the inimitable wit of Oscar Wilde.

'great comedy performances and clever writing'

Mumble Theatre