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Who we are

We are Tobacco Tea, a Bristol-based theatre company specialising in making you laugh. From light, absurd parodies such as The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ( Theatre Bath) to dark contemporary satire such as Vitomori ( Inter:Mission Bristol) and our 'Hot Fuzz meets Game of Thrones' parody, Parish Fête-ality: A Game of Scones ( Remotegoat), we're bringing comedy that matters roaring into the heart of British theatre.

We're here to entertain, and we're here to challenge. Satire is a vital organ in any democratic society, and freedom of speech is the lifeblood – in an era when those things are under threat, we're determined to be honest about modern life and to mock what deserves to be mocked. With real, hearty, raucous laughter, we'll change the world one crowd at a time.

Where we come from

Two of us – Chris and Lucy – met at university, where we made many student shows together. In 2013, we took a risk and started a company of our own, and Tobacco Tea was born. 6 years and 5 plays later, Tobacco Tea has won acclaim for its witty, original shows. We're going from strength to strength, and we couldn't be happier.

Our team

Artistic Director Chris Cutting
Chris Cutting Artistic Director

Chris is a writer, theatre director and satirist, originally from Hastings, now living in Bristol. He started Tobacco Tea with Lucy after completing his English degree at the University of Exeter.

Chris has written several plays and short stories, including his work with Tobacco Tea (Bunbury Is Dead, The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Vitomori, Parish Fête-ality: A Game of Scones, Stand and Deliver), in addition to directing professional plays for theatre and radio and occasionally performing himself.

Above all else, Chris says, he stands for meaningful engagement with life.

Lead Producer Lucy Ahmed
Lucy Ahmed Lead Producer

Lucy started her career in theatre straight from University after graduating from Falmouth with an english degree. After fuelling her passion for theatre throughout university producing student productions, she decided it was time to start her own professional company in 2013.

Teaming up with Chris she moved to Bristol where she started up Tobacco Tea Theatre Company. Five years later, they now have five successful shows under their belts.

Her first six months in Bristol she spent with the producers at Theatre Bristol as an intern learning the ropes of arts administration and producing.

Moving forward Lucy wants to gain more experience in producing hoping to work more with Tobacco Tea and other professional companies. Her main ambition is wanting to run her own theatre and rehearsal space one day soon!

Assistant Producer Emma Preuss
Emma Preuss Assistant Producer

Also based in Bristol after relocating from her native Wiltshire, Emma met Chris and Lucy during their university days, working alongside them on student plays.

Early on Emma started helping out with Tobacco Tea productions making sure they ran more smoothly and professionally and was always ready to make something new or fix what she could.

Now working alongside Lucy, she helps to make sure team Tobacco Tea is looked after on the road. You will always catch Emma last minute repairing some bit of costume or a broken prop!