Lord Vitomori and Lisa

Lord Vitomori and Lisa

Lord Vitomori is bored, self-obsessed, narcissistic, shallow, superficial, and the envy of all who know him.

He is also an immortal. An undead vampire who had decided to embrace modern life.  His existence is pointless and he’ll do anything to forget it, no matter who might get in the way.

Society adores him. Dangerous, dark, seductive, carefree and callous; he’s everything people want him to be, but when Vitomori goes too far, his ‘friends’ turn out to be more than willing to hunt him down.

Tobacco Tea Theatre company return to the Alma with this supernatural satire on the way we live our lives today.  By turns hilarious and horrifying, sensual and cynical, Vitomori is a good hard look at just what we’ve become in the 21st Century, seen through the eyes of a 1000-year-old vampire.


Tickets available now at The Alma Tavern website.


Lord Vitomori – Costa Chard

Camilla – Iscah Montgomerie

John- Joshua Phillips

Lisa – Jasmine Atkins- Smart

Nigel Carter – James Williamson