The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

John Watson and Sherlock Holmes

John Watson and Sherlock Holmes


Holmes and Watson are at their wit’s end after a month without any new cases for Holmes to solve. Holmes is bored and therefore dangerous, while Watson is fretting about not being able to pay his rent, as he cannot write any new Holmes stories for the Strand Magazine. An interesting client finally appears, but Holmes unknowingly murders his own client by accident. The game is on to track down the criminal mastermind who did it – Holmes himself. Dr Watson seems to have engineered this entire case in order to have material for a new Holmes story and pay his half of the rent at 221B Baker Street for months to come. However, events start going not according to plan and Watson’s narrative gets away from him in the form of a global terrorist plot of massive proportions. The nefarious Professor Moriarty turns out to be making Watson’s planned Holmes story more interesting by trying to start a world war. But Holmes is not really unaware of the true nature of the case he’s being made to solve for literary purposes – he has in fact planned this case from beginning to end to take down Moriarty’s vast criminal network.


Sherlock Holmes – Jasmine Atkins- Smart

John Watson – Thomas Parker

Moriarty – Joshua Phillips