Bunbury Is Dead

Bunbury Is Dead

“Overall this is a short but very well crafted piece of theatre performed by a sparkling cast.” – Theatre Bath

Bunbury Is Dead is Tobacco Tea’s brand new fringe comedy, made from the wit and works of Oscar Wilde.

Composed almost entirely of material from Wilde’s major works, masterfully rearranged to form all-new dialogue, Bunbury Is Dead follows the escapades of Bunbury – Algernon’s fictitious invalid from The Importance of Being Earnest – who feigns illness in order to live the life of a dissolute young rake-about-town, all the while avoiding his fearsome aunt and the hordes of creditors at his door.

Featuring a Machiavellian butler, a formidable Aunt, a domineering New Woman, a soppy romantic artist, murder, forgery, marriage, man flu and of course the dashing rogue Bunbury himself, this fast-paced satirical postmodern tribute act is a sparkling, sophisticated, hilarious hour of twisted logic, high farce and the inimitable wit of Oscar Wilde.

Cast and Credits List
Writer and Director Christopher Cutting
Producer Lucy Ahmed

Bunbury – George Mills
Douglas – Calum Anderson
Rupert – Peter Baker
Constance – Jasmine Atkins-Smart
Lady Worthing – Rebecca Haselhurst/Suzanne Hyde